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R.I.P Mr. Snowman, you were a great driving companion. (´∩`。)

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Singing in-front of a microphone can get dull when you stare at a blank wall. So simply add flowers! Ta-da! No longer flavorless. (´ω`)

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Keeping up with the times! After having the same cellphone for five years; I gathered the will to upgrade to a new phone. I have it protected with a Otterbox defender case; which will save it if I ever need to throw it off a building?! In addation I added a charm holder, with a cool looking guiita charm!
hehehe ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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And we’re off on a Musical adventure!

Good Evening!                                                                                 2/6/2013 

    Today is just full of treasures!  We finally hit gold!  For months I’ve traveled across the Electric Ocean in attempt to discover something worth keeping, something golden.  Searching each day only to end in a tragic castaway; but not today, and certainly not for a while. By a chance of fate; deep in the electrical ocean I met a stranger who recommended me to head into this direction for J-Pop (Japanese pop), and jackpot! I’ve longed for this moment, and since we’re on this adventure together I would like to share the wealth with you!  If you like J-Pop or J-Rock; who fiends new music like myself. This is a good source to find new artists, and bands!

Tumbler Blog of all J-Pop/Rock Music!

It’s almost an addiction for me to hear music I’ve never heard before; to all genres from all eras. The possibilities are finite, and I can’t explain how much of a treat it is to be introduced to something new! Music breaks all barriers of language, and I find music almost tangible. In a way that music somehow finds a way to touch our hearts, souls. Thanks again for reading!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ                                   

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Down set! Hut, Hut, Hike!

Hello                                                                                           2/4/2013

    What a night! I want to keep this brief, but yesterday’s game was a total thrill!  Not a single dull moment. Both teams gave it their all, and I would like to congratulate both teams for playing such a good game!  Honestly best Super Bowl in a while! Great plays, big hits, and just the spirit of American football!

An unpredictable event happened during the game when a sudden power surge right after the halftime show caused the game to delay.  This really had a factor over the momentum. The 49ers quickly regained a comeback streak after the half, and had the Ravens at the edge. What a sight to see, for both teams to much were at stake. A match-up of two head Coaches from separate divisions who are also brothers! Many veteran players close, or at the end of their careers. Making this game there final shot to win the championship. We see fallen Heroes who fight for redemption, and overseen players who are trying to make a name.

Both high caliber teams fighting on the battlefield, what a clash of titans. It was an epic fight till the very end, up to the last seconds of the game. Really anything could have happened. In the end it was extremely close with a Ravens win of 34-31. Ray Lewis congratulation for going past all odds! May one of the greatest linebackers of the league have a well-rested retirement, and I would also like to congratulate once again to both teams! I amend your courage, bravery, and will to keep on fighting!  Your spirit to overcome odds has enlightened me to push, and work hard. Thank you!

Well I think this will be a Super Bowl to remember, great commercials, dramatic events, and a happily ever after for one of greatest linebackers. I believe at the end of the day we are all champions. As we fight our own battles everyday, without giving up.  Thanks again for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

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Be the Best you can Be; and Beyond

Good afternoon! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ                                                         2/3/2013      
    Aren’t Sundays just a refreshing day?! I mean the one day of the week were you can totally feel rested, and relaxed. So I hope you feel at ease, as we chit-chat! So won’t you join me for a cup of tea?  

I would like to note that Sundays not only make good days for rest and relaxation, but a good time to reflect. Not about yesterday’s regrets or tomorrows concerns. It is a time to reflect about your blessings, a day to be thankful, and a day to think about yourself. Don’t worry about things you don’t have, but appreciate the things you do have. Then do something more important; Give yourself sometime. You’re inspirations, accomplishments, achievements, goals, loves, hopes, and dreams. Ponder around them, what can be done to be the best you can possibly be?  Then go past the limit! Last night I watched an advertisement that got me thinking, inspiring really. I’ll post it blow.

The quote at the end just kept ringing in my head. I reflected with that quote in mind, and it helped me continue to push myself to be best I can be! A phrase I’ve been striving for since the start of my freshmen year in High school. I also believe that today many others are also trying to pursuit this goal. As you may know today is the big game, Super Bowl XLVII.  I’m a huge fan of the sport American football. I started in youth football in elementary. Into the seemingly endless summers; as my childhood friends and I built a reputation as “The Neighborhood Back-yard Football Champions”, and finally up to my High school days. 

Today two teams are striving to achieve something similar. Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers, to become NFL champions, to live the dream. I know Ray Lewis of Baltimore Ravens will be retiring this year, and I feel he wants to live the dream just one more time. I hope both teams will be the best they can be out there, and know that the only limit is the one they set themselves too. I also hope that we can all try to live to be the best we can be, and that the only limit is the one we set ourselves too. All in all I’m looking forward to the game today! If you’re not busy today, go watch it! It’s going to be epic!  Thanks for reading!

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Let Us Embark On The Voyage Upon The Electric Ocean

Good afternoon!                                                                              2/2/2013

    Today is a fresh start to travel across the vast horizon! With all preparations set, I hope you accompany me on this voyage. Let us discover new and wonderful things! As we look past what the eye can see!

I was feeling under the weather for a couple days now, but thankfully the uninvited guests are starting to leave. Day/Night Quil you work wonders! A clear take off is all I can see right now. As to what is to expect on this adventure. I would like to note that this place will serve as a respiratory of my work, things I like to do, and anything fun! A staple place of connection.

Now with that said and done, nothing beats a good cup of tea in the afternoon! My favorite blend of white tea keeps those rogue coughs away! Just the sweet warm taste makes me feel better! I really suggest for the non-tea sippers to try it. It really makes you feel cozy, and turns a good day into a fantastic day! *´▽`*

In addition to this wonderful afternoon is the sight of snow! What a surprise to see more than a just centimeter of snow. It’s the middle of the winter here in Illinois, and Mother Nature has been lagging in the snow department. Mr. Snowman didn’t make his appearance on my front lawn this Christmas. But you know it’s okay, like they say better late than never, but never late is better. Let’s keep on going, and try to stay warm this season. I hope the rest of the winter; will be a wonderful winter for you!´ω)